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NSCA Canada is a country affiliate of NSCA, the largest Sporting Clays association in the world and the governing body for the sport in the U.S and Canada. We keep records of our members’ scores in competition, register shoots for the clubs and associations, hold a National Championship each year, and provide myriad awards for outstanding achievements.


NSCA Canada is dedicated to the development of the sport at all levels of participation and vows to create an atmosphere of healthy competition and meaningful fellowship within its membership. Shooters who wish to compete can enter sporting clays tournaments and be competitive immediately. NSCA Canada also offers the hunter a recreational target shooting sport that will strengthen hunting and gun safety skills and extend “hunting” seasons.


NSCA Canada and the NSCA has a combined membership of 28,000 members in Canada, all 50 US states and 10 foreign countries. More than 600 combined member clubs serve members and host both registered and recreational shoots.

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NSCA Canada and the  National Sporting Clays Association is a non-profit organization owned and operated by its members. Membership is represented by an Executive Council which employs an Executive Director to manage NSCA affairs. An Advisory Council provides members with an additional source of input

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