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View Pat Lieske's tips on quartering targets for Sporting Clays by Sunrise Productions .

Chris Batha walks you through some basic foot work to help you with your sporting clay game.

This video consists of a portion of an instructional DVD with Bill McGuire on sporting clays.. It also uses Sunrise Productions EYE-Cam so you can see exactly what Bill sees.

Follow this channel for excellent information on the shooting world from a world class magazine.

A video by Tracy Wright on how to crush those crossing targets.

A video by Zach Kienbaum about how to focus on the clay target.

Always seek to see detail on the target. Focus small. Pick a small spot on the target, about the size of a dime, on the leading edge of the target. If the target is in transition or rapidly changing direction, pick the point or clock direction on the target that the target is traveling when it reaches the breakpoint.

Learn to break clays with Gil and Vicki Ash

How to Shoot dropping targets in sporting Clays with Chris Batha.

Help from Chris Batha on shooting teal targets

Dan Carlisle's comments on becoming a better shooter

A video by John Wooley

The Mike Yardley Positive Shooting System

This is a short video on the demonstration of how the MultiCatch Shell Catcher works.

Fine tune your indoor gun mount with Chris Batha indoors.

Learn the methods used by Gebben Miles to become one of the worlds best shooters.

Help from Chris Batha on how to shoot rabbit targets.

NSCA Certified Sporting Clays Instructor and Competitor, Tracy Wright gives some tips for effective Teal shooting. For more info, check out my website at; www.tracywrightshooting.com.

A video about the rules of Fitasc, in particular dealing with layouts and rotation.

A video about the rules of Fitasc, in particular dealing with the required low gun mount.

Watch George Digweed set a new world record hitting a clay target at 130 yards.